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Infectious Disease

Build resilience and make critical decisions 
with the most actionable source of intelligence.

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Detect. Anticipate. Act by BlueDot Outbreak moves fast. Harness the combined power of human and artificial intelligence to move faster

BlueDot combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning with in-house expertise to help you anticipate, assess, and act against infectious diseases worldwide faster and more efficiently than ever before.



The bio-threat intelligence platform combines machine and human intelligence to perform the following:

  Identify: signals of emerging global biothreats
  Triage: biothreats to focus on what matters
  Empower: all concerned organizations with data-driven insights and expert content

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Outbreak Intelligence

Never be surprised again with the world’s fastest and most comprehensive
outbreak intelligence platform.

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Risk Analysis Toolkit

Go deeper on the drivers of disease spread, burden, and impact to make high-stakes decisions with confidence.

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Predictive Intelligence

Prepare for next season and beyond with credible and tested continuous
forecasts of respiratory and mosquito-borne illnesses.  

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