Customer Support Services

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Support Services

Support Services Center in Health Matrix provides an assistance to clients whom they are using Health Matrix solutions, either for the application layer or  technical layer.

The center is working within international best practices with full automation workflows, and well-defined processes and policies. This helps in managing the whole cycle internally and externally with Health Matrix clients and vendors in parallel with developing and increasing the capacity.

PHANTOM Support Services

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   Support center provide an assistance to the clients whom they are using health matrix solutions, either for the application layer or technical layer


In order to protect the investment of the client in our solutions as this is crucial to generating long-term benefits from these solutions, we are providing a wide range of services, such as:  

Incident and Requests Management  
Change and Release Management
Knowledgebase Management
Availability and Access Management
Problem Management
Configuration Management Database  
Support Contracts & Definitive Media Library
Service Level Management  
Service Operations & System Utilization Process

Proven Value

The support services center is driving value to your organization, and keeping your system performing well, updated, working efficiently and effectively. Increasingly, our clients are relying on us to provide a range of support services where they recognize the value of partnering with us to achieve:

The highest quality service to support their business and solutions
Greater efficiency and consistency through standardization

24/7 Support Services

Health Matrix provides the support services as first line and second line of support "based on agreed SLA" in order to handle the incidents and cases received from clients, in an effective way, where these incidents and cases are prioritized and assigned to be resolved as per the SLA agreement. However, if the incident or the case is critical case and it has a high priority, then Health Matrix support team will act immediately and will dedicate the team to 24/7 model to get those critical incidents resolved and to get the system back to its optimal functionalities and operations.

Customers Feedback

Health Matrix is committed to provide its clients the best services and up to the utmost quality, and in line with our commitment to continuous improvement, Health Matrix is conducting the annual support services surveys in order to receive the feedback and listen to the clients about the support services performance and commitment across the year. Accordingly, action plans are developed in order to gain more trust and positive improvement in the future.

Proactive Account Management

Health Matrix support services extend its services to its clients by assigning the business relation manager in order to be in regular touch with the client across the year, in addition to conducting proactive on-site visits to the client for better health checks for the provided services, and for better system utilization and get the maximum benefits out of digital health solutions.