Global AI 

Infectious Disease


​​​ The bio-threat intelligence platform

​​​ The bio-threat intelligence platform combines machine and human intelligence to perform the following:


All concerned organizations with data-driven insights and expert content


Biothreats to focus on what matters


Signals of emerging global biothreats

Why choosing our platform

Surveillance at a larger scale, without a larger team 
Reduce the time spent gathering and vetting data while responding faster to global disease threats. With 24/7 coverage, BlueDot has a proven record of identifying disease threats first.

Make time-sensitive decisions with confidence 
Improve the speed and depth of risk assessments with access to a comprehensive and credible global library of drivers of disease spread, burden, and impact. 

Engage and educate stakeholders   
Extend your team to include the expertise of our experts with access to reports on emerging activity, large-scale events, and disease forecasts — ready to share with key stakeholders.

Intelligence where and when you need it most
Easily integrate our data assets into your existing tools, databases, and workflows so that you have the flexibility needed to combine datasets and generate your own unique insights. 

Advanced Platform  

More disruptive outbreaks are coming … Gain a competitive advantage with access to our advanced platform which provides data-driven insights and the expert content needed to understand emerging and evolving risks from global biothreats.