Consultancy & Change Management

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Consultancy Services

The consultancy framework provided by Health Matrix consultants is significant in supporting the clients’ efforts in implementing digital health solutions successfully.


Our consultants are dedicated to ensuring that clients get the most out of digital health solutions. Health Matrix Consultants are experts in:  

The healthcare sector and healthcare systems
Change management, branding plans and implementation  
Understanding healthcare organizational & operational needs
Providing the content as per the healthcare organizations need
Tailoring the systems and applications to match the requirements

Standardized E2E Customer Journey

Full cycle illustration for E2E user-customer journey for our digital health solutions including the workflows / process, inputs / outputs, tools and techniques against each process. This will provide a clear roadmap of customer journey enhancements across all area in the solutions.

Situation Analysis

Determine and study data sources for business requirements, study and determine integrations points and integrations data sets, determine best System architecture plan and providing suggested most appropriate cost-effective long-standing solutions.

The following summary describes the components of consulting part which can be delivered by Health Matrix in order to align the projects outcomes and expectations:

National Workflows

Health Matrix consultants provides a well-structured workflows on national level for their digital health solutions, that will provide the holistic view on national level and will sort the communications out among all responsible healthcare stakeholders, as well as, will determine the roles and responsibilities as appropriate.

Policies and Procedures

Health Matrix consultants have long experience in developing the policies and procedures related to the healthcare, and in particular the patient safety, workforce management, infection control and public health domains. A well proven Policies and procedures for all parties would help in controlling and monitoring the processes on the ground in much better way.

​Standard Patient Safety Taxonomy

Health Matrix developed a well-structured and well defined patient safety taxonomy including the incidents, patient experience, near misses, injuries, risks, mortality and morbidity.

​ROI-Value Assessment Study (VAS)

Health Matrix consultants provide a free of charge value assessment study for its workforce management solution. The Value Assessment Program serves a dual purpose, the primary purpose of the engagement is to understand the client specific business processes and then prescribe a solution in a way that drives rapid business value.

The second purpose is to deliver an objective diagnostic of client workforce management and other relevant business processes. The workforce management diagnostic highlights opportunities for improvement to the workforce management approach, and staff deployment in the widest sense of the word.

It quantifies how changes can improve bottom-line results, and covers the typical functional areas of Budgeting, Forecasting Workload Planning, Optimized Scheduling, Timekeeping and Absence Management, and Analytics.

​Use Cases

Health Matrix consultants provide a wide range of use-cases related to its digital health solutions. As an example Health Matrix consultants developed the following use-cases and many more as needed.

Change Management

Change Management

Despite the best intentions and advanced training, education and awareness of the healthcare professionals in healthcare organizations, Healthcare issues continue to cause significant and unnecessary loss, pain and costs. There are many systems and processes, have been demonstrated to be key components in making the healthcare system safer.

Cultural Shift

Our aim is shifting to a culture that supports the processes of formally analyzing healthcare issues for safer patients and better health outcomes, as well as, promotes learning and action based on the improved, evidence-based information available to leaders and managers in healthcare organizations. Given the cultural change required, the digital health solutions in Health Matrix are positioned as a change management initiative.

The objectives of the Change Management for Health Matrix digital health solutions, are to provide guidance and a framework to enable healthcare stakeholders at all levels to: 

Communicate information to stakeholders in a timely and clear manner such that they are fully prepared for the impending changes
Analyze the data from healthcare organizations for new initiatives and projects, case studies, white papers, researches, and benchmarking purpose
Establish ownership of the healthcare domains by involving stakeholders in change processes
Build capacity and knowledge on organizational level to effectively conduct similar initiatives in the future
Formalize new roles and transfer new skills to stakeholders so that all systems and processes are effectively adopted  
Establish the working environment where the systems benefits can be tracked and realized  
Organization Readiness Assessment





Training and  




Change Management Plan employs a multi-stream approach in order to meet the stated objectives. The following are the streams of this approach while each stream has its own details: