Global AI 

Infectious Disease

Predictive Intelligence

Prepare for next season and beyond with credible and tested continuous forecasts of respiratory and mosquito-borne illnesses

Our solution empowers public and private sector organizations with around the clock, global infectious disease intelligence to create a healthier, safer, and more resilient world.

Get ahead of the curve to better protect your communities
The ever-changing nature of infectious diseases paired with high transmissibility causes significant healthcare, business, and societal disruption.

Plan for the season ahead

Pinpoint who, when, and where illness will strike with advanced warning of diseases season start and drivers of disease burden.

Pivot as new trends emerge

Remain ahead of the curve with rolling activity forecasts & expert-written reports on the trends you cannot miss.

Engage communities and stakeholders

Inform your campaigns with the most recent, compelling, and actionable data for your specific audience.

Official cases and deaths for mosquito-borne diseases

Expected annual and seasonal disease burden

10-year forecasted environmental suitability to disease vectors

Solution Components

Drivers of mosquito-borne disease burden library