We partner for life

We think you’re pretty special when you’re a Health Matrix Customer. That’s why we provide more than just a technology designed to inspire your people and your organization to grow and thrive.

Proven experience

Health matrix ensures our clients’ success by offerings a wide range of professional services to fit the needs of any client and a unique understanding of customer’s needs.

Health Matrix’s Customer Success are an essential part of all projects and have a wide range of experience to ensure that projects goals are understood from the outset, expectations are set correctly and the risks of cost or time overruns are reduced. Health Matrix Customer Success aims to make the management, implementation, and support of the solutions as smooth as possible.

Right resources

Health Matrix Staff are committed to providing the clients with the highest quality service as they are experts in both information technology and healthcare solutions. Our customer success staff works directly with the departments within the healthcare organizations to ensure that all receive the information and support they need, in order to perform their duties with all parties as expected.

Health Matrix Customer Success continued pursuit of excellence has ensured successful implementations for many projects across the Middle East. Skillfully, we provide a tailored solutions to each of our client’s requirements.

Wide range of services
Our customer success are tailored to suit the specific client’s business needs and the services we provide will vary from case to case based on clients’ needs. In addition, Health Matrix customer success help clients to reach an aspiration or goal or gain insight while they are using Health Matrix solutions.

Health Matrix Customer Success come with a full range of services from Pre-implementation services (business advisory) to Technical Services (installation and integrations), Consultancy Services, and Implementation Services including Training Services.

In addition, the project management services are on top of these to ensure that the implementation will achieve its goals and objectives successfully. On another hand, and for continual success purposes, the Support Services are taking place as appropriate in order to help the clients in maximizing the utilization of the solutions, as well as, in ensuring that the system is running smoothly without any showstopper.

Moreover, Health Matrix Customer Success are dedicated to ensuring that the client’s investment in our solutions delivers the right result, safer outcomes, and improved operational efficiency.


Phantom customer success is a comprehensive and well-structured methodology covers the advanced model of performing the professional services in much better way, as well as, set the guidelines of all services provided to our clients. Phantom methodology helps Health Matrix clients to: