Global Experience … Local Knowledge

Global experience, combined with local knowledge

Health Matrix strengthening its position in healthcare market by going BEYOND LOCAL AND INDIGENOUS CONTEXT. This is proven by the combination between THE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE AND LOCAL KNOWLEDGE which we have in healthcare digital solutions and healthcare industry.

For the GLOBAL EXPERIENCE, through our leading partners, we are developing a CROSS-CULTURAL SOLUTIONS for our customers in the region, HIGH GENERALIZABILITY, and tends to be characterized by a diversity in EXPERIENCE SOURCE. Health Matrix spreads the global experience to be adopted or tailored in the region as per the local culture, requirements, processes and rules.

Since founded in 2009, Health Matrix has the power of LOCAL KNOWLEDGE and strong presence in the region which makes it well positioned to serve healthcare industry in the digital transformation journey and help healthcare organization to become:

  Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

  Value Based Healthcare (VBH)

Health Matrix is building the bridges between GLOBAL and LOCAL KNOWLEDGE and experience by converting the global knowledge locally and vice versa. This includes the following domains but not limited to:

  Public health and infectious diseases

  Clinical workforce management

  Healthcare business intelligence and analytics

  Healthcare policy management 

Health Matrix GLOBAL EXPERIENCE and LOCAL KNOWLEDGE are interacting to start and develop your digital health transformation journey successfully.