Technical Services

Tech-enabled processes… Integration. Data migration

Technical services

Health Matrix Technical Services powers digital transformation through services designed to reinvent your application portfolio and a new style of IT.

We combine business and industry insights with innovative technology to drive growth for your business.

Health Matrix technical services provide the right mix of expertise and healthcare industry knowledge to maximize product efficiency for healthcare organizations whom they are using Health Matrix solutions. With a passion for excellence and a focus on client success, Health Matrix technical services assure the achievement of clients’ goals successfully.


PHANTOM Technical Services


Technical services provide a variety of services across the projects, which helps the clients in achieving their goals during the project implementation, this includes:  

Hardware sizing and specifications  
Software delivery and installation
Integration and interface services  
Data migration services
Supporting the technical aspects through the project lifecycle

Skills and Knowledge 

In addition, the technical services are representing the second tier of support services where they handle the technical issues/changes related to the solutions running on client sites.

The technical services have a number of key capabilities which have been established based on client needs, and also have personnel skill sets and knowledge, this includes performing the technical training for the technical teams in healthcare organizations to enable them to administer the solutions from a technical aspect.




Right Resources 

In Health Matrix, the Technical team is well-trained and provides excellent service and support for our clients by working closely with project managers, implementation, and support teams. Through our Technical Services, strong client relationships will be built which will illustrate Health Matrix commitment to the client's success in the solutions they are implementing, from a technical point of view.




Integrations and Interoperability

Health matrix offers a wide range of integration services with many different eco healthcare systems through a wide range of integrations standards and protocols, so that we maximize the values of our digital health solutions to our valued clients. Health matrix built a well proven integrations capabilities accompanied by set of integrations consultants and experts where they connect dots between our digital health systems and various systems.

Integration Services can extract and transform data from a wide variety of sources such as XML data files, flat files, and relational data sources, and then load the data into one or more destinations - either into Health Matrix Digital Health Solutions or into other eco health systems.


The following illustrates Health Matrix Integrations capabilities related to the following areas:  

What are the current data sources supported   
What are the integrations standards and protocols  
What are the integration engines (IE)  

Data Migration



Data migration from an incumbent system to a new system is a complex undertaking because the two systems will not be identical in terms of both the data they hold and the structure of the data in the two systems. It is unlikely that it will be possible to migrate and retain everything that is currently stored in the incumbent system. A pragmatic approach is necessary to ensure that the important information is the focus of attention. At times the only way to transfer the data will be to make a change to the type of data being stored in one system to another data type in the new system.




Health Matrix recommends that an exercise will need to take place whereby the requirement for data retention from the incumbent system and the data compatibility between the two systems is assessed. The data will need to be extracted from the incumbent system, transformed and then sent through the import mechanisms. The data transformation is the most challenging aspect of the migration.





There is always a minimum data set required for the import where there is a generous amount of flexibility to include additional data items that may be in the incumbent system alongside the minimum data set - that is depending on the data set being imported.



In summary, Health Matrix digital health solutions have capacity and capability to import data from an incumbent system when changing systems. The process requires a process of requirements analysis, software configuration and data transformation to achieve the migration process  

The following illustrates Health Matrix data migration process along with the roles and responsibilities:





Solutions Security 

Health Matrix Solutions have been designed with security in mind at all times. The development processes emphasize the importance of security and include the following steps to ensure security:

  Code Reviews - application source code is reviewed not just for functional                    and data I/O accuracy but also to ensure that it is secure
  Application Security Testing - A continual integration environment is used which        incorporates application scanning tools that implement automated checks                    for application vulnerabilities, including the OWASP Top 10 
  Penetration Testing and Security Scanning of the deployed solution is available

The application development teams and testers are trained and are aware of common vulnerabilities. They code and test for their mitigation. These include, but are not limited to, CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection, Session Hijacking and Session Fixation. Health Matrix applications make use of industry standard web components such as XHTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. There are no proprietary or non-proprietary browser plugins required, which eases distribution and minimizes the attack surface.

During development Security testing is performed which determines if any vulnerabilities have been introduced into the software by running Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) tools.




Application Access Controls

Further to the access requirements already in place for the healthcare facilities network, user accounts are secured with a user name and password. Integration with Active Directory is also supported. Each user account is assigned a role and each role is assigned specific access permissions within the system. Residing on top of the roles system is a location-based restriction system where users can be restricted to only interacting with the data for those within a specific hospital (or subset of hospitals).




System and Data Auditing

There is an extensive audit system that records user access dates/times for all records and for any manual manipulation of data (or user data that is associated with its relevant data). This audit system covers add/edit/delete activity carried out by system users, so all changes to the data can be tracked.




Audit Trail Logs

The audit log will document all modifications, views and downloads of data. The audit will also provide a view of error logs related to the software. This will be searchable and filterable by user and audit type … etc. Centralizing the audit aids usability by providing a single location to view the audit and ensuring that the audit is consistent throughout the solution.




Security Testing

There are different security testing processes can be performed in order to ensure the security of our solutions based on the unique nature of each solution, such as:

  Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  Penetration test to ensure that the web-facing application is secure 
  Transportation layer encryption whereby Software employed an SSL onto                    user/interface feed lines (HTTPS)
  GUI data integrity standpoint





A Modern Cloud Platform

Intelligently powering the next generation of our digital health solutions

Health Matrix is proactively put plans to enable the client to be future ready, the next generation of digital health solutions need to leverage the latest smart technologies. Accordingly, Health Matrix reimagines what’s possible in modern solutions technology. Health Matrix solutions provide a breakthrough experience and unprecedented levels of operational insight to help healthcare stakeholders work smarter — anytime, anywhere — in the modern cloud. Every dimension of the cloud platform — including the underlying architecture, user experience, functionality, integration, data access, delivery, and support — is designed to help you optimize your valuable healthcare professionals and your valuable patients.



Why Cloud?

Health Matrix leverages the cloud platform to provide a strong infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform. Hosting digital health solutions in the cloud provides a number of significant advantages, including:

  Elasticity to support peak processing demands 
  Access to the network (where available)
  An industry-leading data center infrastructure
  Geographic agility 
  Capacity on demand
  Faster time to provision 
  Infrastructure security compliance (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018,                          AICPA SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II)




Cloud Management

Characteristics of our cloud management platform for our digital health solutions:

  A robust application programming interface (API) and integration framework 
      Provides extensibility and simplifies integration with other systems with                        time-saving, prebuilt connectors and more

  Artificial intelligence 
      Drives smart, predictive solutions, including powerful k-means clustering                      algorithms that identify compliance risks in real time and market-leading                      machine learning applications that dramatically improve accuracy
  Blazing-fast in-memory cloud computing
      Offers immediate insight into critical cost, compliance, and productivity                          metrics by delivering real-time computations at massive scale

  An evolved domain model
     Based on decades of experience, providing flexibility and consistency across the         solutions to help you solve even the most complex business problems from                   anywhere in the application

  A unified information architecture
     Gives you complete data access for on-demand reporting and analysis —                     with no need for special technical expertise 




Application Updates  

Regular maintenance period has been established by Health Matrix partners to allow for maintenance and solutions updates to be performed to sustain the performance, reliability, and stability of Health Matrix digital health solutions, the approach to maintenance is designed to minimize downtime whenever possible.

There are several types of solutions updates:
  Release updates: May include new features, enhancements, new products,                  and bug fixes
  Service updates: General maintenance
  Hotfix Updates: May include critical features and critical bug fixes