Innovative surveillance software designed with clinicians to target zero infections

ICNet clinical surveillance software is a comprehensive decision support tool that links and integrates data as a single record to provide actionable information to support infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship, medication usage, and pharmacy operations.

ICNet enables you to track patients and associated care data as they move through your healthcare facility.

You can be confident with ICNet: In use in over 40% of NHS Trusts and Health Boards; partnering at more than 1,200 hospital sites globally.

This extensive experience has given Baxter insight into clinical practices. Our development team continuously refines and improves the ICNet software in response to changing healthcare concerns.

Core Models

Antimicrobial Stewardship

ICNet Infection Prevention


How can ICNet clinical surveillance software help?

Be proactive with interventions

Enabling you to quickly identify and intervene in critical issues, leveraging data and analysis tools to make more informed decisions.

Streamline time-intensive reporting tasks

Reducing the administrative burden of your internal and external reporting so you can devote your time to patient care.

Customize tools to align with your clinical workflow

Tailor your alerts, reports, and patient lists with only the information you need.

Monitor quality of care across facilities

Identify trends in organism resistance, drug consumption, infection rates, quality measures, and other critical issues across multiple sites.

Have convenient access

Work at the bedside or on the go with current clinical information in order to fasten the decision making process.

Document investigations, interventions, and referrals

Enables you to record information about actions and conclusions, refer patients to your colleagues, and assign tasks to other users as needed.