Infection Prevention

ICNet provides system-wide visibility into clinical information, alerting you to events in near real-time

How can ICNet infection prevention Help?

Monitors data across existing clinical information systems for user-defined events, including potential infections, patients requiring isolation, and event clusters.

Predict Infections
Tracks surgical patients, individuals exposed to communicable diseases, and others, alerting you to readmissions and potential infections.

More Efficiency
Helps infection prevention and control teams and microbiologists work more efficiently, giving you the tools to address the challenges of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and patient safety.

Real Time Interventions
Provides a repository for documenting investigations and interventions.

Outcomes Measures
Provides extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to analyze and communicate trends in process and outcome measures.

Analysis and Audit Trail  
Supports the documentation of audit data (e.g. hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, central line insertion, isolation precautions use) and enables combined analysis with infection rates, interventions, and other data.

CDC Alerts
Develops CDC alerts in an advanced way according to the CDC complicated and sophisticated criteria in order to bring the attention to any potential infections or any potential readmissions.