Public Health


Support better public health outcomes through an integrated digital health solution

The increasing threat of serious infectious diseases cuts across borders and impacts populations from the public health level down to individual lives — fueled by factors that include increasing antimicrobial resistance, emerging infectious diseases, globalization, and the threat of bioterrorism.

How Can Public Health Solution Help?

Visualized contact tracing
Track and trace the contacts for the case- index in visualized manner which provides full picture of contacts cycle. This includes people, animals and vehicles … etc.

Outbreak auto detection
Use advanced algorithms and multi criteria to auto detect the potential pandemics for infectious diseases which have fast spread.

Proactive responses and interventions
Respond proactively to potential pandemics and cases, and add interventions in order to accommodate the impact of infectious diseases.

Ensure protection

Protect population by applying the vaccination programs, controlling the vaccine quantities and ensure all doses are administered.

Core Modules

Health Matrix delivers an integrated solution of early surveillance, investigation, follow-up and management of events affecting public health to promote health, this includes the following components.

Outbreak Manager

Case Manager

Vaccination Manager

Public health management digital solution is documenting the impact of health preventive interventions by monitoring epidemics, reducing their spread and pursuing immunizations in effective ways, and this will contribute to the creation of a real-time data board at all levels in healthcare, conduct epidemiological analysis and calculate indicators related to their use to make decisions based on evidence to maintain public health and community health.

Case Manager

Universal case management designed for the diverse needs among specialized investigation teams wherever a communicable disease is occurring.

Outbreak Manager

Comprehensive data collection, visualization and analysis to facilitate investigation, management and reporting of complex outbreaks in the public arena. This includes smart algorithms and criteria for auto detection.

Vaccination Manager

Effectively monitor and manage vaccination process and activities, for routine and mass scenarios. This includes booking the appointments and assign healthcare facilities and clinics.

Public Health Management components are sharing a common data set, supporting a coordinated approach to managing infection surveillance, prevention and control efforts at the mass population level to prevent current and emerging epidemic threats.