Public Health

Outbreak Manager 

Recording, monitoring and investigating disease outbreaks in healthcare and public environments 

In Public Health Solution, incidents, outbreaks and contact tracing are all addressed by the Outbreak Manager module(contact tracing feature is also available in case manager module as it is the first block of outbreak manager module).

Connect cases and control Outbreaks

All disease notifications (cases) and subsequent data collection (e.g. activity maps) are automatically shared with the Outbreak Manager module. The users can perform contact tracing on an individual so that appropriate prophylactic activities can be enacted where required. Where several cases are connected, the users can connect these cases within the Outbreak Manager and tools are provided to manage the patients as a collective. Large numbers of connected people can be escalated to phone surveillance, quarantine, vaccination and other interventions in batches.

Visualized auto detection

The system also has configurable connection identification algorithms that suggest potential contacts based on factors such as location and time. Epidemiological reports, including epidemic curves, geospatial maps and statistical analysis, help to analyze the cause and route of infection as well as the risk to the population. Symptom tracking tools allow for a detailed view of the course of an outbreak.