Workforce Management

Workforce Time Keeper

Automate to track employee time and attendance  

Without an automated system, how will your organization consistently track, manage, and control employee time and attendance? Labor is your organization’s most valuable asset and its most controllable expense. Yet many organizations still rely on manual, semi-automated, or disparate systems to track this domain.

Control labor cost with complete automation

Workforce Timekeeper stores time and attendance data in a single, centralized platform that drives automated workforce processes and provides quick, easy access to meaningful labor information. A configurable business rules engine automatically applies complex work and pay rules at the time of punch to help reduce payroll inflation and eliminate manual errors for better control of labor costs. With Workforce Timekeeper, your supervisors have seamless access to the real-time data they need to manage labor costs effectively. Learn an employee is tardy while there’s still time to react, adjust staffing levels, control punch-ins and punch-outs, and avoid unnecessary overtime costs, and and quickly identify issues and variances so you can manage dynamically changing workforce needs without exceeding your labor budget.

Minimize compliance risk with consistent policy enforcement

Create a culture of compliance with centralized labor policy control that keeps pace with changing regulations. Workforce Timekeeper consistently enforces local labor laws, agreements and corporate policies across the organization and backs it all up with a complete audit trail. Are managers using the correct pay rate for each job? Are employees taking all required meal breaks? Workforce Timekeeper’s automated enforcement eliminates subjective interpretation of pay rules and policies, promotes fair treatment of all employees, and minimizes the time you spend monitoring compliance and mitigating risk. The payoff? Fewer employee grievances and less costly litigation.

Increase workforce productivity with intuitive tools

Workforce Timekeeper provides managers and employees with all the tools they need for accurate timekeeping in one convenient system. Multiple data collection options, including time clocks, web browsers, and mobile solutions, are available for recording time transactions. The system leverages configurable work rules to quickly identify labor issues and guide managers to an appropriate resolution. Role-based views show critical data just as you need it. Tailored ad hoc query tools enable you to select the right set of employees in seconds, and on-demand reporting lets you see the big-picture perspective or drill down into the details for improved decision making.

Time Effectiveness and Well-Focused

By automating manual, time-consuming processes and simplifying reconciliation of labor hours to payroll, Workforce Timekeeper lets busy supervisors manage by exception instead of reviewing every employee timecard. A few minutes is all it takes to find and correct missed punches, respond to time-off requests, and flag and approve overtime. Guided workflows and proactive alerting via email or text provide the information needed to manage time and resources effectively. With actionable information at their fingertips, your supervisors will reach new levels of productivity and effectiveness — focusing more time on business goals and less time on administrative tasks.  

Improve employee satisfaction with instant engagement

Workforce Timekeeper delivers a consumer-centric user experience that increases employee satisfaction and drives high adoption rates. Convenient web-based or mobile self-service functionality instantly engages the entire workforce and gives employees greater access and control. Employees can see hours worked, check accruals, ask for time off and schedule changes, view earnings and benefits, and more — at work, from home, or on the road. No more waiting around for answers to routine questions, submitting paper forms, or tracking down managers to make simple requests. Delivering rich functionality through an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface, Workforce Timekeeper simplifies timekeeping tasks so managers get more done faster, and employees can count on a perfect paycheck. Built-in scheduling lets you create and edit daily employee schedules based on start times and punch-ins. And summarized views provide all supporting information needed to process employee requests in a single window.

Reporting made easier with operational reporting

WFM provides reports prepared in advance with data that has been requested by our customers. While these reports may be useful for your purposes, you also have the flexibility to edit the underlying templates that drive each report to pick and choose the data that you want to see. By downloading the report, copying, and modifying it, you can create a new report and import it back into the WFM suite.

More accurate labor costing, strengthened auditability, and fewer off cycle paychecks

In many cases, employees work several jobs, often in multiple departments. Managers need visibility into the entirety of these employees’ schedules, yet they also require the ability to approve only those hours associated with their department. Multiple Approvals delivers this functionality to managers in any industry where this common situation occurs.

Complete and in the cloud

Workforce Timekeeper is an integral component of the WFM - a complete, integrated workforce management solution that also addresses scheduling, absence management, HR/payroll, hiring, and labor analytics. Anytime, anywhere access via desktop, mobile device, or tablet helps supervisors manage in the moment. A superior user experience boosts adoption rates and increases employee engagement, and exceptional services help unlock the value of your workforce management investment and deliver the experience you expect.

Key be​nefits

Control labor cost by Increasing the accuracy, strengthen auditability, and reduce off-cycle paychecks

Increase employee engagement by using mobile app. anywhere

Improve employee’s compliance level

Access key metrics in real time and improve decision making