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Physician Scheduling

A user-friendly enterprise solution for complex provider scheduling

Accurate and easy-to-access

Scheduling physicians is complex and can have significant consequences for staff, patients, and the organization. As healthcare organizations address new challenges, flexible scheduling solutions that provide visibility into available provider resources across the enterprise are imperative.

UKG EZCall for Physicians (formerly Kronos EZCall™) is a leading cloud-based, automated provider scheduling solution with powerful and flexible configurability. With UKG EZCall, you can provide accurate and easy-to-access schedules that are fair and equitable. Seamlessly integrated with all UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) workforce platforms, UKG EZCall also automates timekeeping and payroll processes.  

Save time, reduce errors and ensure right staffing

You’ll save time and reduce errors while ensuring appropriate provider and specialty coverage, thanks to automatic schedule-creation capabilities. Automate even the most complex rules with the powerful and sophisticated UKG EZCall scheduling algorithm. Easily create a variety of call schedules, shift schedules, and daily assignments. Seamlessly manage complex case needs and ensure multiple location, call, and subspecialty coverage based on your department’s rules, policies, and contractual obligations. Now you can make fast, smart staffing decisions to ensure the right provider is in the right place at the right time — all the time.

Efficient and flexible technology meets unique needs

Whether creating the yearly rotation schedule, the monthly call schedule, or the daily OR schedule, EZCall® gives you the tools to ensure that the scheduling process is fast, efficient, and fair – and accessible anywhere, online, or on your mobile device. The most flexible and configurable system on the market, EZCall uses proven technology to ensure your data is safe, secure, and always available.

Automation saves more than time

Saving time and eliminating errors are just the beginning. You’ll improve provider satisfaction through increased productivity and work-life balance with automated scheduling. You’ll also offer providers the opportunity to work for an organization that prioritizes flexibility and fair scheduling. When the need is for scheduling that’s intelligent and intuitive, UKG EZCall comes through for you.

Flexible scheduling solution

Powerful and flexible, UKG EZCall enables you to manage the complexities of team scheduling and staffing to meet your unique needs. You’ll reduce the time it takes to build and manage the schedule across diverse specialties: anesthesiology, cardiology, radiology, orthopedics, ambulatory clinics, and more.

You can create schedules for any length of time, and they can be populated manually or automatically based on patterns. Gain the ability to configure each primary provider with the needed level of support staff. Daily staffing enables you to manage your teams across locations including rooms, pods, and clinics. After the daily team staffing is completed, a float pool can be created with remaining staff. This group of available staff can be easily assigned to cover absences. 

View and manage schedules on the go

Scheduling is a highly dynamic undertaking that manual management can make time-consuming and error-prone. The UKG EZCall mobile app provides real-time schedule access from anywhere via your mobile device. Providers can view individual or department schedules and upcoming assignments, initiate shift swaps, and create or retract requests. Mobile functionality empowers schedule administrators to easily and accurately approve switches — while automatically assessing changes for validity and efficiently communicating approved changes to providers, hospital administrators, operators, the emergency room, and other departments and personnel.

Provide visibility across the enterprise

Hospitals and health systems need real-time visibility into on-call resources across the organization. UKG EZCall delivers a single source of truth — providing an up-to-date view of all on-call providers and staff across the enterprise and enabling your organization to easily know who’s on call and how best to contact them.

UKG EZCall tracks all your data in an easy-to-read format, recording calls, credits, hours, and trades to ensure payroll accuracy. Now you can compare the originally published schedule with the current schedule and track any changes, including requests, user switches, and schedule updates. You’ll also gain visibility and insight into scheduling fairness and staff utilization through robust reporting capabilities.

Save time and avoid errors with automated scheduling

Key benefits 

Ensure only qualified, available staff members are scheduled for optimal patient care

Improve work-life balance with quick mobile access to real-time schedules & make requests

View real-time provider schedules across the enterprise

Increase productivity with a streamlined and integrated solution

Boost morale with fair call distribution and equitable, transparent schedules