Public Health

Public Health Analytics 

Breakthrough solution addresses overall public health needs 

The solution provides the analysis of the public health data in order to prevent, detect and respond proactively to any related issues. That will guide healthcare stakeholders to equitable and preventive actions.

Global and national

The solution provides meaningful insights of the following:

  Global Infectious Disease 
  National Level Infections

The solution is designed to receive public health data and infections data from multiple data sources, going through data modeling, artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to ultimately analyze and visualize the data for better informed decisions in public health domain.

Deep insights

Our advanced Public Health Analytics platform provides 360 degree visibility on significant KPIs, and enables data driven decisions using AI algorithms. The public health analytics platform consists of the following components:

  Communicable surveillance including Cases and Outbreaks 
  Non communicable Diseases including Chronic diseases
  New emerged diseases
  Control measures as immunization or quarantine

Risk assessment

Disease spreading

In addition, the analytics platform is fully integrated with the global early warning system for better visibility and fast prediction – this includes

Early warning analysis  

Machine learning model

By using Machine Learning (ML) model in Health Matrix PH analytics platform, healthcare organizations make their decisions based on the data driven forecast – it is a smart model to guide healthcare stakeholders to the right decision from PH perspective.

Public Health Analytics

Scalable sophisticated reports for case management, outbreak management and immunization management.

CDC reports including CTAs.

Real-time Data.

Forecast by Data Driven Model.

Wide range of healthcare data sources.

Subject matter experts in PH domain on global and national levels.

Sample charts

This chart illustrates the clusters & cases per region, where the user can drill down through the details in an interactive way like map format, gauge format, trend format and many more.

This chart illustrates the immunization data on national level where user can drill down through the scalable structure of the data starting from region, healthcare facility, and departmental level. The charts are not limited to vaccinations, the healthcare stakeholders can see other domains like inventory levels, medications … etc.

Key ben​e​f​​its

Monitor trends of communicable diseases

Anticipate Global Outbreaks

Empower healthcare policy makers

Help prevent emerging epidemic threats

Improve coordinated care approach

Forecast population travel

Assess risks to any location of interest