Public Health

 Vaccination Manager

  Managing interventions that eliminate or decrease the risk of exposure to health-related diseases

This module includes the vaccination process and administration, allergies, management of adverse events and record exposures to something that could cause harm, such as exposure to blood and body fluids, exposure to toxins or radiation.

Vaccination programs - all in one

Immunization module can be used for routine vaccine schedules, such as childhood vaccination, and for periodic campaigns or for mass preventative medication administration in the event of an epidemic. This includes the vaccination appointments, assign resources to healthcare facility and clinics.

Easy access

User access in this module, includes both role and location based, where users can view information based on their access level. Accordingly, users can be provided with a workflow to manage the administration of vaccines at clinic level or any other levels. The vaccination centralized teams will be able to access dashboards and reports for either their own local areas, or for a combined view on national level.

Key ben​e​f​​its

Optimize the immunization process across population in timelier manner

Protect patients, families, community and future generations by eradicating diseases

Control the cost and usage of vaccines for all immunization programs

Reduce the severity level of communicable and non-communicable diseases