Public Health

Case Manager 

  Case manager module receives disease notifications from multiple sources

The disease notifications include electronic laboratory test results via Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) interface. Such disease notifications are analyzed by a configurable workflow engine that assesses the disease and its associated risk in order to determine how it should pass through the Case Manager module.

Comprehensive dashboards

When logging into the Case Manager Module, users are presented to different dashboards depending on their role. All users are given access to a web based forms for reporting the communicable and non-communicable diseases. The dashboards are summarizing the status of the current case list and alerts of significant events (e.g. potential clusters, high priority notifications, investigations nearing their completion date or overdue, people under surveillance or quarantine). Users can proceed to a prioritized worklist and then onto individual investigations.

Flexible workflow

The users can move through the workflow associated with their particular case and escalate the case appropriately when required. Escalation process can include notification to other healthcare bodies, investigation requests, adding the case to an incident or outbreak, performing contact tracing, putting the affected person under health surveillance or quarantine, or requiring the person be sent for vaccination. Also, users can re-assign cases, change priority of cases and get notifications of overdue investigations.

Key ben​e​f​​its

Develop a visualized contact tracing model against identified cases

Manage the workload of the reported cases and their assignee

Provide investigation tools and templates as needed

Optimize the process of cases investigation