Improve staff accessibility to every policy, procedure, and standard of care document across your Organization. Policy Manager’s robust, the six-level search engine allows staff to easily search for the documents they need from any Internet-enabled computer. Intelligent version control ensures the policies they locate are always the most up-to-date version.




Your complete software solution f​or healthcare policy management and compliance

Every Policy Document is Always Accessible - Anytime, from Anywhere

Save Staff Time

Policy manager’s customizable approval processes allow you to automate your policy review workflow for maximum productivity. As a web-based solution, Policy manager solution allows staff to review, edit and approve policies in a collaboration framework from any Internet-connected computer.

No Missing and Outdated Policies

Policy manager helps you easily control versions and archives to create a reliable policy audit trail. The system automatically archives the old version of a document when a new version is approved. Staff will never have access to unapproved or archived versions of a document.

Ensure Staff Accountability

Policy manager makes it easy to hold employees accountable to new and revised policies and procedures. Assign policies to be read or add quizzes to documents to ensure they’re reviewed, and the staff are aware of the new changes and updates.

Minimize IT Resources

As a fully hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered solution, Policy manager can be implemented quickly and customized easily. No IT resources are necessary - MCN provides hosting, server maintenance, software upgrades, and technical support.

Core Modules

Policy Manager

An easy to use robust document control
and workflow management solution

Policy Library

Web-based library of more than 18,000
customizable policies and procedures

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