Trust. Transform. Revolutionize digital health.

Navigate the massive disruption in healthcare by making more data-driven decisions

Hospitals and health systems have a laser focus on improving patient care, supporting the well-being and competency of staff, and strengthening financial viability. A digital business strategy is crucial to supporting these initiatives. But any digital adoption needs a foundation of integrated and trustworthy data so your organization can make the most informed and impactful decisions. That’s where Health Matrix and Dimensional Insight can help.


  Integrate data across the enterprise 

 Gain a single source of truth 

  Work with a team focused on your healthcare          challenge


   Turn raw data into actionable information to             make better decisions

   Create data-list

Re​volutionize Digital Health

   Drive system-wide changes to support your             strategic goals

   Lead in the digital-first future of healthcare

Unlock the power of healthcare data

Healthcare Analytics Platform offers premier data management, business intelligence, and analytics solutions, with specialized applications for healthcare. Our main product, Diver Platform, delivers robust data management, modelling, reporting, dashboard, and analytics functionality. Our library of off-the-shelf healthcare applications covers clinical, financial, and operational areas and feature hundreds of pre-defined metrics, as well as prebuilt data models, and dashboards, in addition the healthcare applications can be easily tailored to fit individual customer needs.  

What challenges are we trying to solve?

Engage Providers

Optimize Operation

Promote Population Health

Measure Productivity

Drive Financial Result

Support Service Lines

Improve Outcomes

Ensure Safety