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Infectious Disease

Risk Analysis Toolkit

Go deeper on the drivers of disease spread, burden, and impact to make high-stakes decisions with confidence

We make high-stakes and time sensitive decisions easy 
When diseases strike fast action is critical, but precious time is wasted searching for credible supporting information. Global AI Infectious Diseases Solution offers a rich, ready-to-use, and vetted library of curated risk indicators so you can make high-stakes decisions with confidence.

Disease burden

Accurately assess disease burden with multi-year historical activity records, calculated baselines, and the ability to proactively search our ML-filtered global news feed for early warning of disease events.

Drivers of local impact

Instant access to critical indicators of local outbreak disruption, including environmental risk factors, demographic risk factors, and disease attributes. Examples include social contacts, socio-economic status, vaccination rates and more.

Drivers of spread

Anticipate disease spread with air travel intelligence that showcases where infected travelers are likely to go next, and which regional ports are at the highest risk of importation.

Surveillance feed for 120+ diseases

Official cases and deaths for select diseases

Disease spread factors

Solution Components

Disease attributes, demographic risk factors, and environmental risk factors library

Biosecurity surveillance feed

Key benefits

Near real-time alerts for high-concern events

High consequence event briefings

Global disease trends and analysis