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Infectious Disease

Outbreak Intelligence

Never be surprised again with the world’s fastest and most comprehensive outbreak intelligence platform  

Stop guessing, start acting 
Our clients knew about the emergence and global spread of COVID-19 first. With the world’s fastest and most comprehensive outbreak intelligence platform, you can stay ahead of the curve too.

Alerts on emerging disease activity  
Always be in-the-know with near real-time alerts and expert-written assessments on high concern events, as well as rolling situational updates for lower-concern global disease activity.

Invitations to live briefings
Ask questions and engage with healthcare industry leading experts during briefings of high-concern events hosted by our team of epidemiologists, clinicians, & veterinarians.

Expert written intelligence reports  
Go deeper on global disease activity & trends with long-form analysis on emerging situations, seasonal outlooks, regional spotlights, and more.

Near real-time alerts and ongoing assessments for high-concern events

High consequence event briefings (webinars)

Global disease trends, analysis, and outlooks through intelligence reports

Solution Components

Key benefits

Educate and engage all healthcare stakeholders

Know first about global disease threats

Building resilience to global epidemic threats using big data

Protect your people against the health, economic, and social impacts

Make time-sensitive decisions related to Infectious Diseases