Care Bundles

Care bundles provides the flexibility and the ability to set and add all healthcare facility care bundles

This is very significant aspect for the clinical teams. Through the set of Care bundles, you can measure the compliance automatically by the system. Our clinical surveillance system comes with the most common care bundles used in healthcare facilities in addition provides the ability to develop new care bundles as per the needs.

How can ICNET care bundles help?

ICNet Care bundles help healthcare facilities and infection prevention professionals, in increasing the compliance levels while providing the care services to patients by applying specific care bundles that should be answered and filled in by healthcare professionals and providers, such as:

   WHO 5 moments 
   Hand hygiene 
   CAUTI Care Bundle 
   CLABSI Care Bundle 
   C-Diff outbreak 
   Stewardship Audit Compliance 
   And many more … 

Accordingly, the system will calculate the compliance level against each care bundle as per the threshold defined, which will determine the gaps and any lack in compliance by healthcare professionals.

Key ben​e​f​​its

Prevent healthcare associated infections

Manage a range of conditions such as sepsis and chronic diseases

Monitor the compliance level of healthcare professional

Proactively identify the adverse events issues