Wave medical strengthens support in the Middle East with local drug names

May 4, 2011 by

Wave Medical, the leading provider of developer drug data and clinical decision support information and technology for healthcare systems and professionals, today announced the support of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain trades and nomenclatures.

“I have been very pleased by the response and adoption of our drug database and clinical decision support modules in the Middle East,” says John Wagner, Wave Medical chairman. “The decision to add additional local drug names continues our commitment and investment to support the electronic health records strategy in the Middle East.”

The Wave Medical drug database now supports Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kingdom of Bahrain drug names and nomenclatures for easy integration into existing EMR and pharmacy systems. This is in addition to the 35,000 drug names and 38 countries already supported by Wave Medical’s drug database — securing the company’s position as the largest and most authoritative drug database on the market.

“This is a major breakthrough for healthcare providers in the Middle East. Wave Medical and Health Matrix continue to work hard to ensure that we deliver state-of-art, drug decision support tools that cover ME drugs in order to fill in the existing gaps and to improve the quality of care,” says Abdul Rahman Qasim, CEO of Health Matrix.

System developers can use Wave Medical software development kit and APIs to programmatically receive critical drug information monographs, dosing calculators, drug interaction, drug-allergy or duplicate therapy information.

Wave Medical’s reputable clinical and pharmacological content is designed to support clinicians through every stage of the decision-support process, increasing safety and accuracy through better-informed patient care, and this latest module adds to the robust content and tools available and helps to support the rapid growth of electronic health records in the GCC.

Learn more at wavemedical.com or healthmatrixcorp.com.

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