State of qatar primary health care corporation selects datix for patient safety and risk management

July 30, 2012 by

London, Riyadh, and Doha – 30 July 2012: Datix, a global supplier of patient safety software for healthcare risk management today announced that the State of Qatar Primary Health Care Corporation has chosen Datix to drive quality healthcare services across its 23 primary healthcare facilities and wellness centers.

Health Matrix, Datix’s local partner in the Middle East region is working with Primary Health Care Corporation on the implementation of the new state-of-the-art technology which is scheduled to go live later this month.

The Supreme Council of Health has created a solid and modern foundation through the establishment and development of a primary healthcare system for the State of Qatar.

Dr. Mariam Abdul Malik, Managing Director at Primary Health Care Corporation said, “As part of the aim to enhance the physical and mental health of the population of Qatar, patient safety is extremely important to us.  Working in partnership with Datix and Health Matrix to implement the new Datix system, and building on the success of the processes already in place for managing incidents and complaints supports the vision of strengthening all aspects related to health and wellness through primary health care.  Datix was selected in preference to the other systems evaluated because of its comprehensiveness and ease of use, but above all because of the company’s extensive experience with other primary care providers.” 

Primary Health Care Corporation has healthcare centers covering different parts of Qatar, providing both preventive and curative health and medical services.  Datix delivers safety, risk, and governance through a number of integrated software modules.  Primary Health Care Corporation will benefit from the following modules: incident reporting, complaint handling, patient experience, risk register, safety alerts, hotspots, and dashboards to provide comprehensive oversight of risk management activities across the organization.  The majority of the 3000 staff at Primary Health Care Corporation will have access to the new system and Health Matrix will conduct extensive staff training over the coming months. 

“Since its foundation, Datix has been dedicated to improving safety and quality for its healthcare clients and is now used by primary care professionals around the world to submit incidents via easy-to-use web forms. Users can also manage investigations of incidents in real-time and run reports to help pinpoint areas for improvement.  We are pleased to be part of the drive for quality healthcare services in Qatar,” said Jonathan Hazan, Chief Executive Officer at Datix.

Abdul Rahman Qasim, Chief Executive Officer at Health Matrix concluded, “We are proud to partner with Primary Health Care Corporation on such a valuable and extensive project.  Our expertise in the local health sector, combined with Datix software and the dedication and knowledge of the people within the organization, will ensure a successful implementation of a powerful patient safety and risk management framework to support the continued success of this important initiative.”

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