King fahad medical city and health matrix agreement to implement datix enterprise patient safety and risk management software

March 17, 2012 by

London, Riyadh – 17th March 2012: King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), a leading healthcare provider in the Middle East, and Healthcare Matrix, Datix’s local partner in the Middle East Region have signed an agreement to implement an enterprise patient safety and risk management solution across all KFMC’s healthcare facilities.

The solution is based on Datix, patient safety software for healthcare risk management.

Under this agreement Health Matrix will implement the Datix solution in the following KFMC’s healthcare facilities Main Hospital Children Hospital Women specialized Hospital Rehabilitation Hospital Prince Salman Heart Centre National Neuroscience Institute Prince Sultan Hematology & Oncology Centre Specialized Diabetes & Endocrine Centre

The new solution will cover incident reporting, complaints handling, patient feedback and experience, corporate risk register, and executive dashboards in order to simplify information management. KFMC will also use the solution to spot trends and problems that may not have been apparent with manual reporting and have the ability to alter the risk profile of the organization.

By implementing the new solution, KFMC aims to achieve the following objectives The organization's risk profile improvement with less serious untoward incidents occurring. Patient safety and risk is a natural part of each employee’s daily agenda. Engage the patient as part of the care delivery process. Quantifiable operational/financial efficiencies for the organization. Increase patient safety and decrease clinical and non-clinical errors.

“We exist for our patients and their well-being and would take any measure to protect them from any harm; having risk management and patient safety software is one of our ways to show we care and take patients' safety seriously,” said Dr. Abdullah AlAmro, KFMC Chief Executive Officer.


“Risk management is about Prevention, which is better than cure as they say which in turn reduces our Reaction mode of doing business as this can be very costly and inefficient. With the support, vision, and leadership of our CEO, Risk Management will lead towards Excellent healthcare services as it improves the culture of the organization into a more just and responsible, yet non-punitive and learning culture. With time and with this evolution in culture of safety the organization will evolve again into a culture of innovation towards a Prominent healthcare provider so KFMC becomes the benchmark for the others to follow the KFMC way” said Dr. Adel Bataweel, KFMC Chairperson of Risk Management.

“KFMC is committed to e-Health as the way forward in the healthcare sector which ensures easy access to patient information to healthcare providers for better, faster, safer, and more holistic decision making,” said Mohammad AlZaydi, KFMC Director of IT.

“We welcome KFMC to the growing number of Datix customers in the Middle East region,” said Jonathan Hazan, Chief Executive Officer at Datix. “As an organization, we constantly work towards driving patient safety initiatives as a result of knowledge sharing and best practices throughout our user base. Working closely with Health Matrix and our Middle East customers we intend to continue to build on the excellent standards of patient safety and risk management we have seen throughout the region so far.”

“KFMC has a reputation for taking a strategic and measured approach to health service delivery,” said Abdul Rahman Qasim, Chief Executive Officer at Health Matrix. “We are proud to partner with KFMC as the first healthcare organization in Saudi Arabia to implement Datix software. By combining the Datix web-based solution with the commitment of KFMC’s management, we are confident that the project will achieve its goals and objectives while promoting a culture of patient safety across KFMC’s healthcare facilities” 

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