Health services program – yanbu selects health matrix and pepid to implement clinical decision support system

October 21, 2010 by

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 21st October 2013 – Health Matrix –, a leader in Healthcare IT solutions, in conjunction with its partner PEPID International, the global leading provider of clinical decision support and drug information, announced today that the Royal Commission at Yanbu has now fully integrated its Hospital Information Systems (HIS) with the globally comprehensive PEPID drug database. Additionally, the PEPID online portal, which gives physicians access to evidence-based clinical decision support, a multitude of medical calculators, lab tests, and drug checkers is now instantly accessible from The Royal Commission for Yanbu Medical Center (RC YMC) as well as its affiliated primary care centers. One of the biggest challenges RC YMC faced was finding a drug support system that could be accessed at the point of care in order to reduce prescribing errors.

PEPID was able to integrate local drug information on the brand and generic drugs supported by the SFDA formulary. The Royal Commission for Yanbu Medical Center’s current hospital information system is now integrated with PEPID drug information including route, form, unit, strength, ingredient, patient instructions, unit of measure, manufacturer, adult, and pediatric maximum dosage, frequency and duration, as well as, PEPID drug interactions checking, drug-allergy and duplicate therapy checking.

The Royal Commission for Yanbu Medical Center selected PEPID International as their content provider after an extensive evaluation process that included reviewing a number of drug support systems. XX XXXX, XXX of The Royal Commission for Yanbu Medical Center commented, “The PEPID International drug database and clinical decision support content proved to be the easiest to integrate, supported SFDA drug products, and ultimately it was decided that PEPID was the superior choice.” He further explained, “Our goal is to achieve meaningful standards of care — we believe PEPID’s deep industry skills and technical ability will help us get there.”

PEPID Chairman, John Wagner commented, “Healthcare institutions across the Middle East and around the globe are successfully improving quality of care and meeting higher standards through the adoption of PEPID International clinical decision support.” He added, “The University at Sharjah(UHS)recently achieved level 6 HIMSS certification through the incorporation of PEPID clinical decision support into their existing EHR system, and with nearly 2o years of proven experience in improving quality of care, I’m certain our partnership with The Royal Commission for Yanbu Medical Center will help it achieve its goals as well.”

Abdul Rahman Qasim, CEO of Health Matrix added, “It’s true, PEPID drug reference and clinical decision support are intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to incorporate use into daily practice. However, throughout the implementation process, PEPID and Health Matrix worked to educate healthcare professionals on the use of the PEPID online portal as well as the drug information that has been integrated into its HIS. The Royal Commission for Yanbu Medical Center will continue to receive extensive training.”

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