Health matrix partners with wave medical to introduce point of care solutions for healthcare professionals in Middle East

March 22, 2010 by

Health Matrix partners with Wave Medical to introduce point-of-care solutions for healthcare professionals in Middle East Wave Medical announced a partnership today with Health Matrix, which will serve as the new exclusive distributor of Wave Medical’s point-of-care health applications to countries in the Middle East.

Wave Medical has been the leading developer of clinical decision-support information for physicians, nurses, emergency technicians, and medical students in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) for the last ten years. This new agreement will help Wave Medical expand its coverage to the Middle East and introduce the region to a resource that will improve patient care.

Health Matrix is specialized in providing solutions in the health informatics era for the Middle East (ME) Region and has been growing as the “First Point of Care” partner across Healthcare institutions.

Health Matrix plans to initially market Wave Medical’s applications to medical professionals and medical students in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt. The second phase will include Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya.

“We are excited to work with Health Matrix, which has the local knowledge to best market our products in the Middle East region,” said Philip May, managing director of Wave Medical. “This will support our mission to improve health care throughout the world.”
Health Matrix is pleased to expand Wave Medical’s clinical and drug information to new regions, particularly in areas that currently lack these top tools for the point of care.

“We’re thrilled about the partnership with Wave Medical,” said Abdul Rahman Qasim, Health Matrix’s CEO. “This gives us the exclusive opportunity to introduce products and solutions into our region that will improve patient care, reduce errors, and improve the practice of medicine at the point of care in this part of the world.”

Wave Medical’s reputable clinical and pharmacological content is designed to support clinicians through every stage of the decision-support process. Its applications contain thousands of medical topics, an extensive international drug database with 30,000 international drug names from 38 countries, as well as a powerful drug interactions generator that has the ability to cross-reference drugs from multiple countries. In addition, Wave Medical’s applications contain thousands of high-resolution color images, lab manuals, and medical calculators.

Studies have shown that medical errors are reduced and patient care improves when clinicians have medical information and tools at the point of care. Now, healthcare providers in the Middle East can have the latest medical information and tools at their fingertips through Wave Medical’s partnership with Health Matrix.

Wave Medical’s comprehensive database of medical and clinical content and tools can be accessed through a wide range of smartphone devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia. Its information is also available for access on a PC Browser and through integration within information systems delivered via award-winning Wave Medical web services.

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