Health matrix launches its operation in saudi arabia

April 16, 2010 by

Health Matrix launches its operation in Saudi Arabia Health Matrix announced the commencement of its operations and activities In Saudi Arabia. As one of the recently established Healthcare IT companies in the region, Health Matrix specializes in providing Healthcare IT Solutions around the "First Point of Care" Concept.

Having its direct operation in Saudi Market, Health Matrix made such a strategic decision to be close to customers in Saudi Arabia and deliver its commitments to our clients and partners  

According to Abdul Rahman Qasim, chief executive officer of Health Matrix Corporation, Saudi Arabia's healthcare market is the largest market in the Middle East, and Health Matrix's presence in the country will give the opportunities for our clients to benefit from the services and solutions which we are offering.

Health Matrix is committed to helping Healthcare providers and consumers improve efficiency and care quality. Our presence in Saudi Arabia is another feather in our cap evidencing how we are all set to lead the healthcare IT revolution currently brewing in Saudi Arabia by empowering caregivers and care consumers with ground-breaking First Point of Care technologies. Abdul Rahman Qasim said.

Health Matrix’s operation in Saudi Arabia will focus at the beginning on providing solutions which cove

     Primary Healthcare and Practice Management Solutions

     Chronic Diseases Management Solutions

      Professional Health Contents Solutions

      Health Promotion Solutions

Health Matrix has partnered with leading Healthcare IT Providers in order to deliver our vision and commitment for the market such as CureMD, VitalHealth, and Wave Medical.
Health Matrix is committed to making a positive difference at the “First Point of Care” through:

      Proving a Primary Healthcare platform for everyone

      Addressing the need for modern chronic disease services

      Ensuring timely access and safe care at the first point of care

      Building health literacy

      Establishing the foundation layer of national eHealth

We hope by those initiatives, Health Matrix will be able to lead the “First Point of Care” Business in Saudi Arabia and make a positive impact on the whole healthcare community. Abdul Rahman Qasim added.

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