Health matrix announce strategic alliance with curemd to introduce ground breaking primary care technology in the Middle East.

April 7, 2010 by

Health Matrix Announce Strategic Alliance with CureMD to Introduce Ground Breaking Primary Care Technology in the Middle East.   CureMD Corporation, the leading healthcare information management provider, has joined forces with Health Matrix Corporation, a renowned international healthcare IT distributor, in an effort to accelerate healthcare IT adoption in the greater middle eastern region.

This partnership will extend CureMD’s distribution network in the middle eastern region for advanced, award-winning, web-based CureMD (an All-in-One suit of enterprise-level Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, and Patient Portal applications and related services) allowing Health Matrix to exclusively distribute, implement and support CureMD products and services providing organizations superior choice when it comes to advanced primary care technology.

According to Abdul Rahman Qasim, chief executive officer of Health Matrix Corporation, the market trends and recent efforts to promote Primary Healthcare Automation solutions as part of our innovative “First Point of Care Platform for everyone” in the Middle East region made it essential that Health Matrix partner with the most innovative e-health vendor in the industry. He said Health Matrix spent over a year evaluating various solutions and business offerings before selecting CureMD.

Health Matrix is committed to helping Healthcare providers and consumers improve efficiency and care quality. Our exclusive partnership with CureMD is another feather in our cap evidencing how we are all set to lead the healthcare IT revolution currently brewing in the middle east by empowering caregivers with ground-breaking CureMD technologies. We are proud of the fact that our clients trust us to bring them the best solutions and that we have selected the best mix of people, processes, and technologies on the market today in the form of CureMD. Abdul Rahman Qasim said.
According to CureMD’s CEO Kamal Hashmat, CureMD has realized the immediate need in the Middle East Region to introduce a Primary Care Solution in order to improve the quality of care at the first point of care and reduce the pressure from the hospitals. CureMD is committed to the Middle East region, and we are practicing this commitment by transforming the best international practice with a local approach that fits the region’s culture and specific needs”. Kamal Hashmat said.

CureMD’s CIO Bilal Hashmat terms this relationship as a long-term initiative to provide the Middle East with proven internet technology backed by local R&D Support and American healthcare standards compliance, ultimately pushing the Middle East into the league of nations that have deployed pervasive best-of-breed web technologies to drive clinical, administrative and operational outcomes. CureMD will empower healthcare providers looking for an advanced yet easy solution to effectively drive care quality and efficiency while reducing costs and life-threatening errors.

“With CureMD’s inimitable Web-based enterprise-class technology, the Middle East will take a giant leap forward and, in a matter of months, bring itself at par with the excellence that American healthcare achieved in over 4 decades of technological evolution. CureMD Users will appreciate our advanced collaborative care model at any time where integrated data availability, common user interface-based configurable workflows providing advanced capabilities with localized extensions truly deliver on the promise of IT beyond any other health IT vendor in the global industry which we have led as innovators for over one and a half decade helping thousands of providers in North America transform their operations to deliver better care with ease. Now is the time when we want to share this success in the middle east in order to bring physicians and care delivery organizations of the region into the era where lives and costs can be tremendously impacted,” Bilal Hashmat said.

Bilal further said, “I deeply admire health Matrix’s vision of the primary care market in the Middle East and am sure technical expertise combined with our R&D capabilities will deliver the most innovative solution of the times to this market before anywhere else in the World. Middle East, a mature market with advanced infrastructure, committed manpower, reasonable budgets, and deeper commitments is a ripe market for an initiative of this kind.”

CureMD and Health Matrix intend to create a network of channel partners in the Middle East region with an established trusted local presence and understanding.

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