Health matrix and icnet announce partnership agreement to bring new focus to patient safety with hai reduction in the middle east

May 27, 2012 by

Stroud (ENGLAND), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) May 27, 2012 – ICNet the leading software provider for HAI case management and surveillance has today announced a new partnership with Health Matrix, which is believed to strengthen delivering a safer hospital environment in the Middle East.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) have long since been known to be a serious issue to both the healthcare environment and its patients. The CDC estimates that 1 in 20 hospitalized patients will receive an HAI, and the implications can be far-reaching. Evidence indicates historically that the majority of patients with an HAI will have an extended length of stay, for as long as a week. The U.S. Department of Health has declared that HAIs are the most common complication of hospital care, and are one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States. The cost of the economy runs into billions of dollars, not only direct costs to the healthcare facility, however also societal costs. The quality of life of a person with an HAI can be severely impacted. HAIs add $28 to $33 billion in excess U.S. healthcare costs annually.

Pat Beyer, CEO of ICNet says, “The partnership of Health Matrix is a significant step forward for providing hospitals with a safer environment in which patients can be treated. Of every 100 hospitalized patients at any given time, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least one health care-associated infection”. He continues, “The focus Health Matrix is delivering in the Middle East shows a great contribution to deliver high-quality products and services to their market, of which in turn will help combat these deadly infections”.

According to Abdul Rahman Qasim, CEO of Health Matrix, “several studies have indicated that efficient, proactive and efficient HAI system in any healthcare facility can save lives, time and money significantly helping to reduce the infections rates in hospitals and support medical teams working towards better results. It is vital for Health Matrix to partner with ICNet, the most innovative vendor in the industry, to stimulate a safer hospital environment. Health Matrix is committed to helping Healthcare providers and consumers improve efficiency and quality care. Our partnership with ICNet is another milestone of our journey to effectively lead the Patient safety software revolution in the Middle East”.

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