Dubai health authority adopts online patient safety and risk management system patient

June 20, 2012 by

The online healthcare risk management system known as, 'Aman' is the first to be implemented in the Emirate of Dubai. The system is live in all the DHA hospitals- Dubai, Rashid, Latifa, and Hatta as well as in DHA's four specialist centers- The Thalassemia Centre, Dubai Diabetes Centre, Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Centre, and the Airport Medical Centre.

His Excellency Khalid Al Sheikh Mubarak, Deputy Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority said: "The implementation of this patient safety software is to ensure unification of processes and reporting systems which is essential to minimize risks and further enhance patient safety.

For us, at the DHA, it is very important to constantly enhance our healthcare services and this system is a vital tool to achieve this."

The solution is based on DATIX, which is a patient safety software for healthcare risk management and DHA formed a strategic partnership with Health Matrix( DATIX's local partner in the Middle East) to implement this system across DHA hospitals and specialty centers.

Dr. Mohammad Al Olama, CEO of the Hospital Services Sector at the DHA said: "This system will provide our healthcare entities with a unified reporting system, will ensure real-time follow-up on safety events and hazards, and will improve communication, reporting and response to any adverse events, however minor they may be, which in the long run is essential to build a robust healthcare system. This further promotes and enhances a culture of safety, which is very important to ensure a high level of quality healthcare for the population of Dubai and visitors."

Dr. Zakaria Zaki Al Attal, Director of Quality and Performance Management, Hospitals Services Sector at the DHA said: "The reporting system covers all kinds of risks and adverse events including adverse medication reactions and includes all kinds of risks that patients may be exposed to during hospital stay. 

The system is extremely comprehensive and ensures minimized exposure to such risks. At the end of the day, patient safety is most important for all healthcare organizations, and this system ensures improved patient outcomes."
Dr. Laila Faraidooni, Head of Risk Management and Communications Section, Hospital Services Sector at the DHA and project manager of Aman said that the current implemented system will help improve event reporting, will enhance safety, improve quality and ensure prompt notifications for such events and timely feedback. It will also help improve communication and foster teamwork."

She added: "Another important benefit of this system is that it will provide us qualitative data for analysis. In the long run, this will help also help in improved information-sharing, enhance productivity, lead to effective use of resources, reduce costs associated with adverse events and help develop a culture of safety and learning." 

She said that the system is currently applicable across 20,000 hospitals and health centers worldwide and is known to significantly improve reporting and response systems across health organizations.


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