Customer Success and Experience



Health Matrix’s Customer Success are an essential part of all projects and have a wide range of experience to ensure that projects goals are understood from the outset, expectations are set correctly and the risks of cost or time overruns are reduced. Health Matrix Customer Success aims to make the management, implementation, and support of the solutions as smooth as possible

Our customer success are tailored to suit the specific client’s business needs and the services we provide will vary from case to case based on clients’ needs. In addition, Health Matrix customer success help clients to reach an aspiration or goal or gain insight while they are using Health Matrix solutions.


Health Matrix Customer Success come with a full range of services from Pre-implementation services (business advisory) to Technical Services (installation and integrations), Consultancy Services, and Implementation Services including Training Services.


In addition, the project management services are on top of these to ensure that the implementation will achieve its goals and objectives successfully. On another hand, and for continual success purposes, the Support Services are taking place as appropriate in order to help the clients in maximizing the utilization of the solutions, as well as, in ensuring that the system is running smoothly without any showstopper.


Moreover, Health Matrix Customer Success are dedicated to ensuring that the client’s investment in our solutions delivers the right result, safer outcomes, and improved operational efficiency.

Health Matrix Staff are committed to providing the clients with the highest quality service as they are experts in both information technology and healthcare solutions. Our customer success staff works directly with the departments within the healthcare organizations to ensure that all receive the information and support they need, in order to perform their duties with all parties as expected.


Health Matrix Customer Success continued pursuit of excellence has ensured successful implementations for many projects across the Middle East. Skillfully, we provide a tailored solutions to each of our client’s requirements.


Project Management Services

Health Matrix’s Project Management adopts a more strategic focus on project and service management to deliver quality outcomes with less risk.

Health Matrix Project Management Services set the scene for the management of the entire projects at all levels and these services are critical to a positive outcome for both client and Health Matrix.


 The project management methodology is built based on knowledge gained from years of experience, committed to excellence, as well as, the methodology is built based on knowledge of the healthcare industry, knowledge of the hospital environment, and knowledge of business needs. Project management services are necessary and critical to the success of projects!

Health Matrix developed a robust project management methodology complies with international standards and aims to deliver the project within all of the agreed-upon factors including time and quality. 


In Health Matrix, project management services do more than manage, our project managers take the time to understand the client’s needs and take responsibility to work to best address them. Using our proven methodology, the client is confident at every step, the client will know that every possibility has been discussed, and every option analyzed to define the solution as per the client's needs.

Health Matrix believes that the project manager is key to the success of any project, that's why our project managers are domain experts and effective in collaboration management. They are charged with ensuring not only that the timelines and budgets are met, but also that the solution works for the client’s organization and people.

Whether your project is a small or large-scale project, Health Matrix project management services will provide the right resources you need for your endeavors, considering the project timeline, budget, and scope, along with the quality of deliverables. It is a proven methodology and practices which go beyond the client’s expectation for successful project delivery. 

Implementation Services

Our implementation process puts your time to value first .. Helping clients get the most of their application portfolio.

We combine deep industry knowledge, technical know-how, and unsurpassed delivery capabilities to drive breakthrough results.


We can help your business leverage our solutions across all business functions and areas Our tailored implementation matches the right methodology and delivery strategy to meet your short and long-term needs and avoid the typical “one size fits all” delivery approach.

By applying a well-proven methodology which helps healthcare organizations to design an advanced system for patient safety in order to continuously improve patient outcomes. In addition, this methodology ensures the quality of deliverables and alignment with the Health Matrix Project Management Methodology.

The Implementation Methodology has its own principles to secure the successful execution of Health Matrix projects, this includes the following: 

1. Controlled and Organized Start, Middle, and End

2. Client Testing, and Comprehensive Training Plan

3. Adaptability as per the client's needs and Requirements

4. Proactive for early identification of Client Needs & Expectations

5. Flexible Go-Live options (Pilot, Departmental, All-At-Once)

6. Health Check and Post-Implementation Survey


The implementation methodology covers all aspects of the project lifecycle, starting from collecting the client requirements, going through the system design activities, testing, Training, and Go-Live. Clients can work with the Health Matrix implementation team to tailor the implementation process based on their needs and approach.

The implementation team has long experience in implementing Healthcare solutions and has a clinical background, where they can guide the clients to implement common practices either on a national or international experience. That is a unique combination of the healthcare industry, information systems, and knowledge.


Training Services

One of the major tasks for the implementation team is the training services, where the team assigned to the project is responsible to ensure that all categories of users receive comprehensive training in the areas of the system which are appropriate to their work. Training will prepare the client users by instilling the necessary knowledge, skills, and motivation to ensure productivity.


The implementation team adopts the “train the trainer” approach to build the client's capacity for the training purpose, ensuring that the training is a continuous process in the organization to maximize the system utilization for improving patient safety and quality of care.

Driving the success of projects is a key measure for implementation services in Health Matrix, that’s why our clients are confident when working closely with our teams! 

Health Matrix training services consists of the following training groups:

1.  User Acceptance Testing Training

2.  Super Users Training

3.  Administration Training

4.  Technical Training


Technical Services

Health Matrix Technical Services powers digital transformation through services designed to reinvent your application portfolio and a new style of IT.

We combine business and industry insights with innovative technology to drive growth for your business.


Health Matrix Technical services provide the right mix of expertise and Healthcare industry knowledge to maximize product efficiency for healthcare organizations whom they are using Health Matrix solutions. With a passion for excellence and a focus on client success, Health Matrix technical services assure the achievement of clients’ goals successfully.

Technical services provide a variety of services across the projects, which helps the clients in achieving their goals during the project implementation, this includes:


1. Hardware sizing and specifications  

2. Software delivery and installation

3. Integration and Interface Services  

4. Data Migration Services

5. Supporting the technical aspects through the project lifecycle

In addition, the technical services are representing the second tier of support services where they handle the technical issues/changes related to the solutions running on client sites.

The technical services have a number of key capabilities which have been established based on client needs and personnel skill sets and knowledge, this includes performing the technical training for the technical teams in healthcare organizations to enable them to administer the solutions from a technical aspect.

In Health Matrix, the Technical team is well-trained and provides excellent service and support for our clients by working closely with project managers, implementation, and support teams. Through our Technical Services, strong client relationships will be built which will illustrate Health Matrix commitment to the client's success in the solutions they are implementing, from a technical point of view.

Integrations Services & Interoperability

Health matrix offers a wide range of integration services with many different eco healthcare systems through a wide range of integrations standards and protocols, so that we maximize the values of our digital health solutions to our valued clients. Health matrix built a well proven integrations capabilities accompanied by set of integrations consultants and experts where they connect dots between our digital health systems and various systems.

Integration Services can extract and transform data from a wide variety of sources such as XML data files, flat files, and relational data sources, and then load the data into one or more destinations - either into Health Matrix Digital Health Solutions or into other eco health systems.

The following illustrates Health Matrix Integrations capabilities related to the following areas:

A. What are the current data sources supported

B. What are the integrations standards and protocols

C. What are the integration engines (IE)