Workforce Management


Control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve workforce productivity, and deliver quality, cost-effective care.

Triple Aim. Accountable care. Positive outcomes. And the Affordable Care Act. To deliver the best patient care possible, you must begin with the best possible workforce management solution for your staff. UKG® for Health Systems helps control labor costs,
minimize compliance risk, improve workforce productivity, and deliver quality, cost-effective care.

Four Reasons …  You Need UKG for Healthcare

LABOR COSTS YOU. About 60 percent of your overall expenses, to be specific. Since labor is your most controllable expenditure, you have to minimize your agency utilization, overtime usage, and payroll inflation.


COMPLIANCE IS NOT OPTIONAL. Labor-law litigation, grievances, and audits can have a significant financial impact. To lower this risk, you have to find a way to better adhere to complex federal and Joint Commission requirements, union contracts and policies, and other professional standards.


A PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE IS CRUCIAL. Painful administrative tasks, high vacancies and absenteeism, and poor staffing practices negatively impact your staff’s productivity. You need a way to quickly and efficiently align staff to patient census and acuity so your employees can deliver excellent care.


QUALITY CARE IS PRIORITY. You need the right staff mix and ratio of patients to employees for quality care. This goal can be hindered by inefficient processes, paperwork, and staff dissatisfaction. It is imperative to recruit and retain the right people, reduce administrative tasks, and increase time spent on what matters: your patients.

Workforce Time Keeper

Managing your most valuable asset and most controllable expense. 

One automated solution to track your entire workforce


Labor is your organization’s most valuable asset and its most controllable expense. Yet many organizations still rely on manual, semi-automated, or disparate systems to track employee time and attendance. Without an automated system, how will your organization consistently track, manage, and control employee time and attendance?

Proactive alerts mean nothing falls through the cracks

Real-time email and SMS red flags notify managers of information that needs immediate action, such as when an employee is approaching overtime. And our reporting capabilities let you monitor employee time by transforming granular time and attendance data into high-quality information that helps managers make fast decisions that could affect payroll, like adjusting staffing levels.

Audit-ready accuracy helps keep you compliant

Our centralized policy management helps accurately and consistently enforce complex compliance requirements such as FLSA and ACA and backs it up with a complete audit trail.

Count on our configurable rules engine
UKG® Workforce Timekeeper™ provides complete automation and enforcement of complex work and pay rules. It’s the driving force behind avoiding wasteful payroll costs associated with errors and inflation.
Accurate labor costing and fewer off-cycle paychecks
In many cases, employees work several jobs, often in multiple departments. Managers need visibility into the entirety of these employees’ schedules — yet they also require the ability to approve only those hours associated with their department. Multiple Approvals deliver this functionality to managers in any industry where this common situation occurs.

Workforce Scheduler

Leverage powerful employee scheduling software from UKG to create schedules that align with your anticipated demand.

Create a schedule  that gets the job done — every time

Scheduling a multifaceted workforce can be time-consuming, error-prone, and just plain frustrating. And even with the best efforts, unavoidable mistakes lower productivity, increase costs and put you at risk of litigation and fines. Enter UKG Workforce Scheduler™ – your go-to tool for creating cost-effective, compliant schedules every time.

Automation that optimizes schedule generation

Leave the guesswork behind. Workforce Scheduler deploys sophisticated optimization algorithms that automatically converge on the best-fit schedule that meets the needs of your business as well as your employees. No more overstaffing. No more understaffing. And no more expenses associated with a schedule that doesn’t meet your business needs.

Empower your employees with self-service and mobile scheduling
Keep employee morale high and create a more engaged workforce with advanced self-service capabilities such as shift swapping, selecting shift preferences and availability, viewing schedules on mobile phones, and even self-scheduling in a familiar calendar view. And with SMS Quick Fill™, the qualified employees you need to fill a shift opening are only a text message away.
Comply with complicated scheduling rules without concern

Automated features enable managers to plan and execute employee schedules that comply with country-specific legislation, collective agreements, and employee contracts. Define a minimum or maximum number of hours for employees to work in an extended period of time. And stay on top of state and federal fatigue and schedule laws through the HR and Payroll Answerforce™ service that puts key compliance information at your fingertips.

Workforce Absence Manager

Control the impact and associated costs of employee absence all while minimizing compliance risk and increasing productivity with UKG software.

Reduce the cost — and lost productivity — associated with employee absence


UKG® Workforce Absence Manager™ reduces the impact planned, incidental, or extended employee absence has on your organization. Without visibility into absence trends, managing costs, maintaining productivity and staying compliant pose real challenges. UKG absence management software provides the visibility you need to protect your bottom line from the high cost of absence.

Gain control over the high cost of absence

On average, 35 percent of payroll is linked to employee absence. This includes the cost of paying absent employees as well as indirect costs like lost productivity and the hiring of replacement workers. UKG absence management software shows you where costs are accruing, empowering you to curb expensive absence trends that are impacting your bottom line.

Don’t leave compliance up to guesswork

Without workforce attendance systems to manage employee absence, organizations risk failing to comply with collective bargaining agreements and government regulations such as the Family Medical Leave Act and state leave laws. Count on complete automation to determine eligibility for FMLA, and ensure the fair application of federal, state, and company leave requirements.

Automated absence management protects productivity

Employee absence creates a ripple effect that kills productivity. On average, incidental, unplanned absences result in 19 percent of net lost productivity per day. On-demand workforce attendance reporting to highlight absence trends and patterns, allowing you to proactively correct absence trends before they impact productivity.

Workforce Analytics

Apply rigorous and reliable business intelligence to manage your workforce and control labor costs with a fully automated workforce analysis system from UKG.


Transform your workforce data into actionable insights

Organizations need to identify, predict, and manage opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains — all while improving the quality of their products and services. But how can they achieve productivity gains and stay within budget when they lack a reliable way to measure and analyze workforce performance?

On-demand dashboards provide instant visibility into workforce trends and outliers

Red, yellow, and green indicators. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Our web-based dashboards immediately tell you if you’re good to go or approaching trouble in critical areas like cost, productivity, overtime, scheduling, and absence.

Interactive data visualization maximizes productivity and minimizes costs

Users can create a dashboard with a variety of interactive charts and graphs, such as heat maps, scatter graphs, and geographic maps. Guided discovery makes it easy to spot outliers, patterns, trends, and relationships. With potential problem areas identified, you can conduct further analysis to uncover the root cause of the issue and determine the necessary steps to avoid unpredicted expenses.

Maintain predictable labor expenses and stay within budget

Our dashboards provide you with targeted thresholds that guide managers to quick adjustments and continuous improvements. Start with pre-populated, cross-industry averages, or modify the targets to acceptable thresholds for your organization.

Workforce Mobile

Access the power of your UKG Workforce Central system to complete common administrative tasks on your mobile device when you want, where you want, and on the go.


Breaking down barriers to on-the-go productivity

Back-to-back meetings preventing you from approving timecards at your desk? Waiting in line at a café and realizing you forgot to request time off next week? Important tasks fall through the cracks if you can’t complete them when you want, where you want — whether you’re an employee or manager.

Access critical workforce information wherever you are 

Whenever you need to, you can access your organization’s UKG Workforce Central® system through your smartphone or other mobile devices. With UKG®Workforce Mobile™, managers can easily see and respond to potential workforce management issues. Employees can perform time management tasks and submit requests. And everyone can instantly engage, take action, and move on to what’s next.

Never miss the chance to contribute when you’re needed

With the latest release of Workforce Mobile, we’ve made some additions that empower employees and managers in urgent situations. Now, offline punch and select Smart Views prevent productivity losses caused by network downtime. And with preconfigured personal alerts sent directly to your mobile device, you’re notified of urgent items and you can take action immediately.

Collaborate while you’re on the move

When you’re on the go and you discover something that you have to address immediately, annotation lets you share your screen directly from the app, and send typed notes to coworkers and managers, making it easier to share urgent information in a timely manner.

Instant access to the employee information you need

Being able to see when employees are available and unavailable to work helps ensure that scheduling changes stick. This results in fewer shift change requests and improved scheduling effectiveness, especially with last-minute changes. And when it comes to viewing employee punches on a map, employee activities are tagged with the name of a specific location, be it an address or site name.

Workforce Tablet

Get the power of UKG Workforce Central on tablet devices to help managers stay connected and more productive as they move from location to location.


Total portability, total visibility: Manage your workforce in the moment

The need to control costs and keep productivity on track doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office or away from the shop floor. Now, on-demand visibility makes managing labor and productivity while you’re on the go easier than ever.
An engaging on-screen experience provides full workforce insight

Access UKG Workforce Central® on your iPad® for an intuitive, large-screen experience with vibrant graphics — and the power to manage on the go. Tap into a user-friendly mobile experience that requires no downtime for training. And like all iPad apps, UKG® Workforce Tablet™ is designed to take full advantage of the multi-touch capabilities to easily navigate through data and make labor adjustments with a simple tap, pinch, or swipe of a finger.

Perform critical workforce management functions without limits

Managers can quickly and easily access schedules, timecards, and other daily management tasks on the fly. With tablet multi-touch capabilities you can make real-time adjustments that sync to all backend workforce management information with a simple tap, pinch, or swipe. Approve timecards and view maps to see exactly where mobile employees conduct punches. Manage exceptions like missed, late, and early punches and filter through employee lists on the easy-to-navigate full-screen tablet.

Empower hourly managers and employees with self-service functionality

Punch in and out from wherever you are. Job, labor level and work rule transfer can be applied with your punches. Information can be easily entered using QR barcodes and the built-in iPad camera. Users can cancel break deductions with a quick toggle. Plus, users can export schedules to the built-in iCal® calendar app to integrate work and personal schedules. And with Mobile Views, users can leverage Smart View™ self-service transactions.

Workforce Forecast Manager

Leverage sophisticated, predictive UKG algorithms to predict the number and type of employees needed to meet anticipated demand for more accurate scheduling


Quality employee scheduling starts with an accurate forecast

To create optimal schedules, your store managers need accurate sales and labor forecasting. However, without the right tools, it can come down to their best guess — putting you at risk of overstaffing or losing business due to understaffing. Without accurate forecasts of anticipated demand, schedules can’t support your bottom line.

Align volume to demand

Since every job is different, UKG® Workforce Forecast Manager™ for retail lets you import industry labor standards for specific tasks to align labor volume to anticipated demand. This strategic alignment gets you immediately headed down the road to improved productivity.


Use forecast algorithms for precise scheduling

Workforce Forecast Manager allows managers to see who they need and why. Managers can accurately predict demand down to 15-minute intervals. It’s this kind of precision that reduces under and overstaffing and keeps labor costs under control. Multiple algorithms are available depending on the amount of historical data available.

Be prepared with current week reforecasting

Workforce Forecast Manager uses recent point-of-sale (POS) data to determine and apply an up-to-date trend to reflect unexpected outside influences such as weather, local events, and competitive activity.

Leverage your historical data with adaptive forecasting

When your location has over two years of historical data, you can use this feature to automatically select the best-fit algorithm from a group. The adaptive forecast takes into account departmental variations, irregular patterns, seasonal trends, and recurring seasonal special events from POS data. And it tunes itself based on recent historical data.

Data Collection

Get critical insight into your labor data with UKG data collection devices that include touch screens, biometric terminals, telephone time tracking, and more

Collect the data you need for total time management precision

Error-prone time clocks and handwritten timecards have had their day. Make way for efficient, accurate, and automated timekeeping systems from UKG®. Our powerful time-tracking software, working in tandem with our data collection devices, helps your organization control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve productivity.

Diverse data collection devices for your workforce management solution

UKG data collection options, which include badge and biometric terminals, telephone access, and handheld devices, capture the information needed to fuel your time management solution.

Devices specifically designed for every environment and every challenge

UKG data collection devices are designed with your organization in mind. Choose the one that’s best for you: UKG InTouch®,  Workforce Teletime IP™, and handheld devices which give you any time, anywhere access to mobile employees

Integrated with your time-tracking software to optimize your workforce
Pair our data collection devices with our powerful time-tracking software to cost cuts by reducing data entry errors and accurately enforcing pay and attendance policies. Minimize compliance risk by not allowing employees to work outside of their scheduled hours, and improve workforce productivity by giving employees self-service access to information.


Create, manage, and track on-call and physician schedules with UKG automated software to help ensure accurate, fair, and transparent provider coverage.

Create fair schedules that support physician success

Scheduling physicians, hospitalists, residents, advanced practice nurses, and other on-call clinician providers is complex, as physicians are increasingly working in numerous care settings. Their availability and specialty must be synched up with other resources and locations, challenging administrators to ensure appropriate staff coverage that meets physician needs and contractual obligations

Efficient and flexible technology that meets your group’s unique needs

Whether creating the yearly rotation schedule, the monthly call schedule, or the daily OR schedule, EZCall® gives you the tools to ensure that the scheduling process is fast, efficient, and fair – and accessible anywhere, online, or on your mobile device. The most flexible and configurable system on the market, EZCall uses proven technology to ensure your data is safe, secure, and always available.

Streamline complex scheduling challenges with rules-based automation

Our powerful software provides administrators with robust automatic schedule creation capabilities across diverse specialties – anesthesiology, cardiology, radiology, pain management, critical care intensivists, orthopedics, and more. On-call and daily assignments are easily configured to support your group's needs. Reporting and schedule creation tools ensure that the scheduling process is fast, efficient, and fair. Users of the system benefit from better quality schedules that are online and always up to date.

Advanced reporting provides total visibility and a culture of transparency
Deep-dive reporting means full transparency: Find clinicians in an instant, minimizing holes and overlapping schedules. Plus, EZCall tracks all your data in an easy-to-read format, recording calls, credits, hours, and trades to ensure payroll accuracy. Compare the originally published schedule with the current schedule, and track any changes, including requests, user switches, and schedule updates
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